PrankMail.net is a service that lets you get back at your enemies for everything they’ve done to you. We anonymously package some of the most annoying stuff out there that can be mailed including glitter, paper shreds, confetti and more and then ship all of it to your worst enemies. When they open that letter, commence target sadness.

Customize your order and give us a name and address.  We’ll handle the rest.

p.s. Pranking your family and friends is a sign you care!

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  • 1 Filler
  • Personalized Letter
  • Troll Tape
  • Add more fillers for $1.99 each

Special SnowFlake

  • 1 Filler
  • Gold Star
  • Personalized Letter
  • Candy

Business Package

  • 4 fillers
  • Personalized Letter Head
  • Troll Tape
  • Surprise Item*

* Different item every day, every week! :D